Thumbnail Jacqui Kickboxing Two
Jacqui Kickboxing Two

Here is the second clip featuring Jacqui's awesome kickboxing workout. This clip shows her wearing cloth instep protectors on her feet. As with the first Jacqui...

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Thumbnail Jacqui Kickboxing One
Jacqui Kickboxing One

Jacqui is a lovely young woman who has recently been involved in kickboxing and really gets into pummeling her human punching bag. This clip shows Jacqui...

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Thumbnail Demonia Two
Demonia Two

Beautiful super-athletic Demonia returns for one more display of kicks, punches and tramples that will leave you breathless. Demonia cannot be stopped until she is triumphant! Please...

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Thumbnail Wendi Kickboxing
Wendi Kickboxing

We were extremely fortunate to have the honor to feature Wendi, who is one of the most photogenic kickfighters we have ever seen. Wendi's kicks and...

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Thumbnail Wendi Special Edition
Wendi Special Edition

This special edition is a zip file containing the Wendi Kickboxing video clip, plus all THIRTY-FIVE (35!) full-size photos (2112x2816) from the Wendi photo set! You...

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Thumbnail Kodi Two
Kodi Two

Cute kickboxer Kodi returns for another astounding exhibition of her punishing power! Kodi's sweet smile contrasts perfectly with the stunning force of her kicks and punches......

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Thumbnail Delia Kickboxing
Delia Kickboxing

Delia is very tall (over 6 ft.), very lovely and very enthusiastic about demonstrating her techniques. Her long legs allow her to deliver truly devastating roundhouse...

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Thumbnail Foot In Your Face 3
Foot In Your Face 3

By special request, here's the newest installment of the Foot In Your Face series, focusing more on showing proper respect to the powerful female foot (there...

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Thumbnail Araya Four
Araya Four

Here she is again... time for the next installment in the saga of amazing Araya, with another outstanding display of fighting techniques that will simply knock...

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Thumbnail Janae Kickboxing
Janae Kickboxing

Janae is SO beautiful and yet SO powerful. We were astounded by her enthusiasm and endurance and by how much she enjoyed pounding away on her...

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