Thumbnail Whisper Kickboxing
Whisper Kickboxing

Whisper is a tall (5' 11", athletic, yet fun-loving fighter who had a great time showing off her kickboxing skills, enjoying every single second of her...

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Thumbnail Claudia Vs You Slow Motion
Claudia Vs You Slow Motion

This is a unique outtake from our upcoming comprehensive Claudia Three clip, all in 120fps true slow motion. This one-of-a-kind clip shows the amazing Claudia throwing...

13.00 USD
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Thumbnail Zayda Two
Zayda Two

Trampling fans, this is the clip for you! Tall gorgeous hapkidoka Zayda returns for a stunning foot-in-face rampage on her unfortunate sparring partner. There are some...

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Thumbnail Araya Six
Araya Six

This is it... the final Araya clip, the ultimate showcase of the kickboxing champion's relentless power and dominance. It's all here, in one stunning 25 minute...

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Thumbnail Zen One
Zen One

Zenobia (aka Zen) is one of the most accomplished martial artists we have ever worked with, and her amazing skills are fully on display in this...

18.00 USD
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Thumbnail Claudia Two
Claudia Two

In this clip, Claudia continues her intensive workout by trading her sparring boots for instep guards. Kicks and punches continue to beat down her human punching...

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Thumbnail Claudia One (Full HD)
Claudia One (full Hd)

This is the full HD (1080p) companion to the Claudia One slow motion clip. A breezy seven minutes in full high definition, showcasing Claudia's non-stop kickboxing...

7.00 USD
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Thumbnail Claudia One (Slow Motion)
Claudia One (slow Motion)

Claudia is a phenomenally beautiful kickboxer who really gets into her daily workout, delivering powerful kicks to her male training partner and then showing him who's...

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Thumbnail Mynx Two
Mynx Two

SPECIAL PRICE OF $5.00 FOR 2016 TAX RELIEF UPDATE!!! Mynx returns for another fantastic round of kicks and tramples and worship! This awesome clip is specially priced...

5.00 USD
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Thumbnail Francesca Kickboxing
Francesca Kickboxing

SPECIAL PRICE OF $5.00 FOR 2016 TAX RELIEF UPDATE!!! Francesca is tall, lean, and tough, and she delivers some awesome roundhouse kicks in this amazing clip, specially...

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