Thumbnail Kodi Five
Kodi Five

Kodi returns for another fantastic clip that will blow you away. As always, Kodi takes her sparring partner down with stunning side and front kicks to...

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Thumbnail Danger Three
Danger Three

Dangers final installment is a tribute to her outstanding sparring skills, with a vast amount of phenomenal vs. YOU kicks in 120fps slow motion, plus plenty...

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Thumbnail SaraLiz Kickboxing
Saraliz Kickboxing

SaraLiz is a gorgeous tall blonde supermodel with very long legs which can deliver intense kicks. This spectacular clip contains all the goodies youve come to...

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Thumbnail Diana Three
Diana Three

This fantastic clip features powerful Diana returning in white karate uniform, black belt, black boxing gloves and black kick boots. So much to see, including amazing...

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Thumbnail Diana Three Extra
Diana Three Extra

Can't get enough of Diana? We totally understand. This clip features more of those slamming roundhouse kicks plus some extra trample scenes that you have to...

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Thumbnail Emma One
Emma One

Pretty Emma is a tiny dynamo of destruction who delights in shaming her sparring partner by shoving her bare foot right in his face after beating...

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Thumbnail Tamara Two
Tamara Two

Tamara returns in sports bra, print leggings, red gloves, and bare feet. This one includes a great selection of kicks and knockdowns and tramples, plus an...

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Thumbnail Tamara One
Tamara One

Tamara is a very energetic young woman with tremendous kicking power and lots of enthusiasm for defeating and humiliating her male punching bag. In this clip...

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Thumbnail Zen Three
Zen Three

Zen returns in a comprehensive showcase of her extensive skills: "vs YOU" kicks to the camera in both 120fps slow-motion and 30fps normal speed, in red...

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Thumbnail Foot In Your Face 5
Foot In Your Face 5

The newest installment of the FIYF series features lovely redhead Rosalee... while there are some kicking sequences and worship scenes, this one is an amazing collection...

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